New Film Reminds Us We Could Use a Dose of Margaret Thatcher Today

Take pride in being British, the Iron Lady said with vehemence.  What a tonic it would be for Americans to believe that today about ourselves.  But we are led by a febrile hologram, not a person of character like Margaret Thatcher, who prevented the once-mighty British from sliding into third-world status by ascending to 10 Downing Street in 1979.  She  served until 1990 -- becoming the longest-serving prime minister since the office was created 300 years ago. As if a cosmic strand of DNA entwined Helen Mirren to replicate Elizabeth II in the convincing and informative film The Queen, Meryl Streep -- though American -- slides into the fiery persona of Maggie Thatcher in the film The Iron Lady as if she had been predestined to play the role.  The movie has some annoying aspects.  Scenes are arranged in the present day that include the ghost of husband Dennis, who died in 2003.  But in the flashbacks, Baroness Thatcher's indomitable personality shines...(Read Full Article)