Neuter Obama

Newt Gingrich will fight Barack Obama.  He will challenge him on every fact, and point out every failure.  The man likes to hear himself talk, which, in this case, is a good thing.  Some credit his recent surge in the polls to his debating skills.  Having been told for years of Barack Obama's brilliance, many have a visceral longing to see him destroyed in debate.  Admittedly, an opportunity to show the world the true brilliance of Obama is hard to resist. 

They say Gingrich is an idea man, but has Barack Obama ever come up with a new idea, or a new approach?  No, it's always the same thing, spend, spend, spend, with him deciding where, which is why 80% of the many billions we threw at green energy went to Obama supporters.  His stimulus legislation, written by others, and including every liberal lunacy of the last half century, also rewarded backers of Barack. 

Newt Gingrich is Newt Gingrich.  Barack Obama has never been his own man.  First he was Lincoln, even choosing to follow Lincoln's 1861 inaugural route for his own coronation.  Then, they told us he was FDR; he was going to change everything, the very definition of America, maybe get his face on some currency.  Then, he was JFK, a transcendent figure, larger than life, destined for glory and immortalization in the annals of history.  Then, he was Reagan; Obama would transform the nation, just as the "Gipper" had.  Then, he was Truman, bravely running against a do-nothing Congress.  His most recent incarnation is as Teddy Roosevelt, railing against an unfair system, designed so "the rich get richer and the poor get children."  Obama has been so many people; it's hard to keep count.  The only person he has never been is Barack Obama.  For that, he needs a second term. 

Maybe that's why his wife refuses to even share a plane with him, always choosing to travel solo on Air Force 2, while he takes Air Force 1 to the same destination, only hours later, as they did on their summer sojourn to Martha's Vineyard.  With respect to their annual winter vacation to Hawaii, Michelle's already there.  He stayed behind to lecture America on the need to give him more money.  No matter, each has their own plane, and no expense is ever spared to ensure they are never inconvenienced by the needs of the nation. 

Will Mitt Romney be credible complaining about this?  A rich man, perfectly coifed and mannered, he probably owns his own jet, maybe two.  Whereas, Newt always looks like he is wearing the same shirt he had on the day before.  If you don't know who Newt Gingrich is, he will surely tell you.  Who is Mitt Romney?  He became flustered when Bret Baier, a friendly face, tried to find out.

Clinton called the 80s the "decade of greed."  Obama rails against the greedy 1%.  He claims America has been in decline for decades.  Despite his brilliance, he hasn't had enough time to cure this calamity.  This is why he needs another term; those who created the problems, along with Republicans, have stymied his brilliant solutions, choosing to damage the nation instead, just to score political points.

Newt Gingrich will call this argument the lie it is; he will tell the President, that the problem is him.  Would Romney do the same? 

The man has inspiration, he has ideas -- often too many ideas, some almost progressive.  Yet, today, he is unabashedly conservative.  Is Romney a conservative, is he inspiring? 

They say he has baggage.  Everyone knows his history, the divorces, the lobbying, his giant ego.  Alice Roosevelt Longworth said of her father, Teddy.  "He wants to be the bride at every wedding, the corpse at every funeral, and the baby at every christening."  This certainly applies to Obama, but I'm not so sure it doesn't also apply to Gingrich as well.  However, no man can claim a bigger ego than our President, the "one," the man "we've been waiting for," who was going to "slow the rise of the oceans," and heal the planet, the man who famously said "I'm LeBron, baby." 

Yet, Gingrich never made a habit of voting "present."  Obama, as an Illinois State Senator, did.  Voting "yes" or "no" is evidence of conviction.  Voting "present" hides belief for political purposes.  All three men have been running for President their entire lives.  At least Gingrich left a trail of policy proclamations and votes.  Obama had no record, until after he was President-and since then, it's been all failure.  Romney gave the country Romneycare.

They say Gingrich was out negotiated by Bill Clinton.  This is revisionist history.  He cleaned Clinton's clock, getting the liberal President to accept the entire conservative agenda, to the betterment of the nation.  Deregulating telecommunications, welfare reform and balancing the budget with tax cuts, not increases, were Newt's greatest triumphs, even if Clinton took all the credit.  Gingrich put the nation's interest above his own.  Has Barack Obama, with his eternal campaign, ever put America's interests first?  He has scheduled every major decision or program for after the election; the taxes to pay for ObamaCare start in 2013.  He claims the Keystone XL pipeline needs more study, until at least 2013.  Recently, he forced the EPA to shelve stringent new ozone regulations, but promised to revisit the issue...wait for 2013.  "13" must be his lucky number; let's hope "12" is not.

America needs a candidate who will fight, and Newt Gingrich is a fighter.  He is also one of 2 candidates Barack Obama does not want to run against.  The other is Herman Cain.  Sharon Bialek, one of Cain's accusers, lives in David Axelrod's building.  Most smut is usually saved for the general election, but Obama was not willing to run against a black man.  He can't afford to lose the race card. 

Mitt Romney is clearly the Obama-approved candidate.  He almost never gets bad press.  They're waiting until the general election to release the hounds.  First up, he will be called a racist, because he is a Mormon, and his church did not allow blacks as full members until 1978, when Mitt was 31 years-old.  He was voluntarily a member of a racist organization for the first 10 years of his adult life -- at least that's what they will say.  Romney will spend the entire campaign apologizing. 

Obama will destroy him; by the time he and the media are done, his own wife probably won't vote for him.   Add in Romneycare as the father of ObamaCare, and the President's most unpopular legislative abomination is lost as a campaign issue.  If voters accept one, then they accept the other.  Why vote for Obama light, when you can have Obama classic?

Newt is a conservative always trying to move to the center, whereas Mitt is a progressive pretending to move to the right. 

To Barack Obama, America's best days are behind her.  He wants to divvy up during the decline, the spoils of our previous success, in a fair and balanced way.  In other words, his supporters get everything and the rest of us pay for it.  Newt Gingrich believes America's best days are still ahead.  He wants equal opportunity, not equal results.  I'm not sure what Mitt Romney believes, we would have to take a poll first.

Barack Obama is a desperate man, he will fight dirty.  Mitt has never been dirty.  Newt is already dirty.

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