Harvard Fires Critic of Jihad

In a crushing blow to academic freedom, Harvard University has censored and fired a prominent professor because university administrators didn't like what he said about Islam.  The tenured professors at Harvard, who cannot be fired in order to protect their freedom to express themselves, have failed to rally to the cause of the fired professor -- and worse, the expulsion was occasioned in part by a faculty vote:

At a meeting of Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences, faculty members voted with an "overwhelming majority" to remove two economics courses - 'Quantitative Methods in Economics and Business' and 'Economic Development in India and East Asia' - that Mr Swamy teaches at the three-month Harvard Summer School session.

Harvard has  dropped economics courses taught by a Hindu professor, Subramanian Swamy, president of the Janata Party of India and a former Union Cabinet minister, because of something that had nothing to do with economics: he wrote an editorial that Muslims find offensive.  And now the Harvard Crimson has added insult to injury by applauding this decision and declaring a barbarian's war on the founding principle of this great nation -- our unalienable individual rights.

The protection of academic freedom on campus, of which political free speech is the most protected, has been tossed away, weakly, meekly, cravenly, at Harvard -- pointing to the initial stage of the postmodern Dark Ages.

Free speech protects all speech, not just the ideas that we like (that's the easy part).  It particularly protects those ideas that we don't like.  Because who would decide what ideas are good and acceptable and what ideas are forbidden?  The elitists at Harvard?  The Crimson thinks so.  An editorial attributed to "the Crimson Staff" said that Swamy's op-ed was "inflammatory" and complained that he "calls for the destruction of mosques as retaliation for terrorist attacks in India, as well as the disenfranchisement of Indian Muslims who refuse to acknowledge Hindu ancestry."  The Crimson claimed that "Swamy's op-ed clearly constitutes hate speech, by even the most lenient definition. As a matter of principle, there is no place for hate speech in the Harvard community. ... The faculty's decision to remove Swamy from the teaching roster was wise, just, and reasonable."

"Wise, just, and reasonable."  It is to laugh, it is to cry.  Harvard's cowardice in the face of Islamic supremacism contains no element of wisdom or justice or reason.  It is devoid of rational thinking, objective reality, and any knowledge of Indian history.  These urbane savages cover for the unimaginable slaughter of almost 100 million Hindus in jihadi wars and enslavements.

The history of India is teeming with Muslim monsters such as Timur the Terrible, who paraphrased the Koran: "'O prophet make war against the infidels and treat them severely.'  My great object in invading Hindustan (India) had been to wage a religious war against the infidel Hindus."  And he did.  Hundreds of thousands of Hindus were beheaded and towers made of their skulls.  The warrior Babur was particularly fond of raising higher and higher towers of Hindu heads that the Muslims had cut off during and after every battle.  He loved to sit in his royal tent and watch this spectacle.  On one such occasion, the ground flowed with so much blood "and became so filled with quivering carcasses that his tent had to be moved thrice to a higher level."  (That's from The Koran and the Kafir, by A. Ghosh.)  He only missed the "merit" of demolishing temples and breaking symbols and images because his predecessor Firuz Tughlak hardly left any for him in the territories he traversed.

The record of jihad in India is extremely and unimaginably bloody.  Mahmud of Ghazni, Mohammed Ghori, Firuz Tughlak, Timur, Muzaffar Shah, Mahmud Begarha, Mahmud Khalji, Ilyas Shah, Babur, Sher Shah Suri, Akbar the Great, Jahangir, Shah Jahan, Aurangzib, Abdali, Tipu Sultan, Siraj-ud-Daula, and so many others all persecuted, humiliated, tortured, terrorized, and slaughtered the Hindus throughout Islamic history in India.

The war against the infidel in India is monstrous, unremitting, and constant to the present day.  From Mumbai to Kashmir, all over India north and south, the jihad rages.

But Harvard is embarrassed and critical of Swamy's op-ed on how to save his people who today suffer from resurgent jihad.  They stand behind their firing of Swamy.  The Harvard Crimson says: "Although Swamy's words alone would be reason enough to revoke his permission to teach, there is the further concern that his publications may incite religious violence."  They don't have a word to say about the religious violence that Muslims have waged against Hindus for centuries and are still waging in the present day.  They're worried that if someone listens to Swamy and some Hindus start defending themselves, some Islamic jihadists might get hurt.

Instead of looking to Harvard as the beacon of intellectual enlightenment and the standard-bearer of Western civilizational values, we are forced to hide our shame and make excuses for the crazy aunt in attic.

Whether consciously or not, Professor Swamy is following proud Hindu tradition.  For centuries, Hindus would rather fight this sinister creed than submit to it -- which vexed centuries of inhumane Muslim rulers.  The thumb-suckers and effetes at Harvard, on the other hand, lay down without so much as a whimper.

These intellectual jackbooted thugs fired a brilliant and brave thinker who is deeply committed to defending his country from the brutality and repression of Islamic law.  But these intellectual terrorists at the Harvard Crimson, and in the Harvard administration, do wither not in the face of brutality -- just in the face of brutal truth.

Pamela Geller is the publisher of AtlasShrugs.com and the author of the WND Books title Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.

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