Hamas High School in Florida?

Why is a representative of a terror-linked organization, a defender of jihad terror groups and an apologist for Islamic supremacism welcome to speak in public schools?

Back on December 4, I published at my website AtlasShrugs.com the disturbing news of child abuse in Florida public schools: the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was poisoning the minds of high school students. CAIR was crowing about its propaganda putsch in getting their party line into high schools, but did not name the schools or who spoke. This shows that Hamas-linked CAIR knows what they are doing is subversion, and that the schools would be held accountable.

However, now we have been able to identify one school -- Steinbrenner High School -- where a representative of CAIR spoke to students. An informed source tells me it was the notorious Hassan Shibly.

Shibly has a track record of defending jihad terrorist groups and acting as an apologist for the worldwide jihad and Islamic supremacism.

Following the 2006 Israel-Lebanon War, Shibly granted legitimacy to Hezb'allah by characterizing it as a "resistance movement" that provides valued social services to the Lebanese people. "They're absolutely not a terrorist organization," Shibly said, and "any war against them is illegitimate" -- more on that here.

Nonetheless, he was welcomed into the school and spoke to several classes throughout the day, including AP World History, World History, and World Religions.

The email exchanges between CAIR and Steinbrenner High School are revealing. Kelly Miliziano, a World History teacher at Steinbrenner, wrote this in a November 14 email: "Every year I invite a representative from CAIR to speak to our AP World History Students." After CAIR-Tampa responded favorably, Miliziano wrote again: "Over the years I have had many speakers from CAIR come to my classes, and it has been such a good learning experience for the students." She added: "I would prefer to have a speaker for each period of the day so that students can really interact with the speaker and ask questions." 

"Every year"? "Many speakers from CAIR"? "Each period of the day"? Hamas-linked groups are regularly talking to high school students? Unindicted co-conspirators in the largest terror funding trial in our nation's history are being given a platform to mislead impressionable teenagers? Miliziano suggested topics that would have given CAIR a magnificent platform to spread their disinformation among the students:

  • Topics can range from :
  • The mission of CAIR
  • Basic beliefs, practices, history of....
  • Confronting stereotypes and misconceptions (a favorite of students)
  • Sharia
  • Why does Islam look differently around the world?
  • Human Rights and Islam
  • Women and Islam in different countries
  • Any other topic you think students should know about.

These are important subjects for students to study, but Hamas-tied CAIR is the last place where they can find out the truth about them. Is this what our public schools are doing with our children -- subjecting them to indoctrination and propaganda? That is child abuse. Where are the counter voices? Where are the voices of freedom?

Steinbrenner High School officials should have known that CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas-linked organization that is dedicated to spreading disinformation about Islam and terror, opposing anti-terror activity, and defaming freedom fighters. CAIR was one of the many Islamic groups that were named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas jihad funding trial. They are in the top five of the AFDI Threats to Freedom Index.

Hillborough County School District spokesman Stephen Hegarty has stated that CAIR did this in only one school, Steinbrenner High. However, that seems unlikely in light of Miliziano's statements about many CAIR officials coming to the school; if this has been going on for years, why would have been taking place in only one school? What's more, clearly Islamic supremacists have friends in the Hillsborough County School District: New Spring, a Muslim charter school in Hillsborough County, received nearly a million taxpayer dollars during its first year of operation, last year.

I strongly urge readers to contact Steinbrenner High School and politely request that the children be given balanced lessons on this crucial subject matter. I would be glad to come and speak at my own expense. Or they could invite Islamic scholars such as Robert Spencer or Ibn Warraq. My organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), will even pay all travel costs to send a truth-teller to Steinbrenner High.

Anywhere CAIR speaks, freedom's defenders must be given a platform as well. We are not an Islamic nation in which truth is blasphemy.

This manipulating of the young must be stopped. It evokes the Hitler youth -- they poisoned young minds first, too.

Pamela Geller is the publisher of AtlasShrugs.com and the author of the WND Books title "Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance."



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