Democrats Follow Obama Down the Low Road

It is not good for our country when a president of the United States singles out one group and tries to get the public to blame that group for the terrible problems facing us.  Democrats and Republicans don't agree on much politically.  These days, we can't even agree on the basic proposition that scapegoating is destructive.  Scapegoating tears a country apart.  It distracts us with false solutions when we are facing an economic emergency and have no time to waste.  And it raises the specter of violence -- actual physical violence, with businesses destroyed and people hurt and killed.  Yet Democrats applaud President Obama's scapegoating rhetoric. On a recent visit to the East Coast, I was told by dear friends and relatives who know I'm a Tea Party Republican that Republicans are selfish (three times), moronic (four times), crazy (once), and racist (twice).  I witnessed friends and family scared about lost jobs, failing businesses, losing their...(Read Full Article)