America's Greatness Will Defeat Obama

This century will be an American century, much like the last one.  Despite what President Obama believes, we are not one nation among many, we are the United States of America, the greatest nation on earth, and the last best hope for humanity. 

The only thing standing between the United States and continued exceptionalism is the dreary delirium of Barack Obama, whose dismal socialist policies have been a spectacular disaster for the nation.

First, we were told that the Russians were going to bury us.  By Krushchev initially, banging his shoe on the table, and later, by the press and many of our political leaders.  Remember Jimmy Carter said we had to get over "our inordinate fear of communism." 

The communism of the USSR was the rising ideology.  Despite killing 100 million people in the 20th century, they were the good guys.  Resistance was futile; it was just a matter of time.

Then, it was the Japanese who were going to bury us.  State direction of capitalism was the wave of the future.  We were living in the past, bitterly clinging to our freedom.  We had to act quickly by giving the government the control it needed to guide our economy.   

The Japanese were buying up America and soon would own everything.  Our trade deficit with them was staggering.  They were our largest creditor.  We bought their products and they bought our paper.  There was no way out, resistance was futile.

Don't forget the European Union, whose formation was going to Greece the skids of our decline into unbearable Spain. 

Now they say, the Chinese that will bury us.  Falling behind China is a recurring theme in many of Barack Obama's speeches.  We have to do as they do, or we risk losing out.  State directed capitalism is the wave of the future, resistance is futile.  Americans must pay more taxes, and give the President more control...of well...everything.

What happened to the Russians?  Exposed as a nation of hundreds of millions of impoverished people, desperate to escape, communism floundered and failed, finding its true place on the ash heap of history, except to progressives of course, who repackaged the failed ideology as a means to win the future.  Communists became leftists, who became liberals, who became progressives. 

For 2 decades, Russia has pretended they are still a world power, often using their fossil fuel resources as a means to intimidate Europe.  Yet, with recoverable shale gas reserves increasing dramatically in and around Europe, soon there will be no need for Putin's gas. 

With a negative birthrate, an aging population and a society that will soon be majority Islamic, in a few decades, they will be lucky if they can bury themselves.

The Japanese threat was the next to dissolve.  They were going to run everything.  We as a nation would be relegated to bringing them their tea, while we forked over our retirement funds to pay for the Toyotas we bought ten years before.  The Japanese, supposedly, had all the answers, even more so than the Russians, whose system was merely more equitable.  The Japanese "way" was superior and American capitalism would not survive the onslaught of their superiority. 

Well, what happened to the Japanese?  They went from the second largest economy to the third largest, having been surpassed by the Chinese.  30 years ago, we were told they would overtake us in 20 years.  Yet, their economy has barely grown in 2 decades.  They have tried one Keynesian stimulus after another, to no avail.  Japan's national debt is twice the size of their economy.  With a negative birth rate they are on track to become the oldest society the world has ever seen.

It's funny; no one seems to worry about the Japanese these days.

It's now the Chinese.  We can't compete with them; they have taken the state directed capitalism of Japan to a new level.  They are smarter than the Japanese... and us.  At least that's what the Communist Party leadership and Mr. Obama believe.  Many are already warning they will surpass us economically in 20 years, some say 5 years

China has almost a half a billion people, 35% of their population, living on less than 2 dollars a day, 40 million people still living in caves.  They have racial and religious divides percolating ominously throughout the country.  The real estate bubble is about to burst.  Because of their one child policy, by 2020, there will be 30 million more men than women.  When you can only have one child, struggling families opt for a boy.  By 2050, China could have hundreds of millions of angry men with no prospect for marriage and family.  That's good news for China...right? 

If you think Barack Obama spent a lot of money on stimulus, you don't know the Chinese.  With an economy half the size of America, they took Barack's trillion dollars and almost tripled it, and then did the same the next year as well.  Unlike in America, this was mostly done through increased bank lending, instead of government expenditures.  They now have entire empty cities, roads to nowhere and gleaming airports with no travelers.  An empty city is every bit the non-performing asset that a bankrupt Solyndra is.  How much of the increased debt will need to be written off is anyone's guess, but can their banking system survive a multi trillion dollar hit? 

China, following Japan's example, has deliberately held the value of their currency low to promote exports.  They are headed for the same economic future.  You see, it works for a while, but the blowback is a bitch. 

America, because of immigration and a birthrate near replacement level, will not be aging the way Russia, Japan, Europe and China are.  Despite Barack Obama's best effort, we have comparatively little racial, religious and economic strife, a moderately free press, and the most economic freedom and mobility the world has ever known. 

We have a dynamic economy and are still the world's largest manufacturer.  America is blessed with an abundance of natural resources.  Due to improvements in technology, we now have potential fossil fuel resources to last us 200 years or more.  Since much of it is on federal lands, some have said the royalties to the Treasury have the potential to pay off the national debt.  To paraphrase Joe Biden, it is a big fracking deal.

Even if Mr. Obama wins reelection, he can only delay the coming energy independence of America, he cannot prevent it.  Citizens, not thrilled with him now, will be irate when their electric bills triple and gasoline is $10 a gallon.  All that oil, coal and natural gas will come out of the ground.  Obama, as a modern day King Canute trying to command the tide, will be powerless to stop it.  

Four more years of this President will leave the nation miserable and divided, with high unemployment, a moribund economy and a bloated bureaucracy.  With another term, Barack Obama will continue his transformation of America into a land of perpetual trillion dollar deficits and a national debt measured in the tens of trillions of dollars.  We will be weak militarily, morally and economically.  Lesser nations, like those discussed here, would not survive 8 years of hope and change, but we will not be defeated.   

The only thing standing between America and continued preeminence is Barack Obama.  The sooner we realize that, and rid the nation of the abomination of his presidency, the better.  

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