Admitted: The Democratic Party Does Not Represent the Middle Class

Much of the success of the Democratic Party over the last eighty years has come from its ability to successfully portray itself as the party of the middle class.  However, many of the major programs enacted by the Democratic Party have hurt rather than helped the middle class.  Economic researchers and objective historians have shown this for decades; however, it is only in the last three years that the public has started to recognize this. President Obama is still traveling across America claiming that his programs are for the benefit of the middle class.  However, key Democratic strategists in a November 27 New York Times article laid out a 2012 election strategy that explicitly abandons middle-class voters.  In a very frank admission, Democrat strategist Rury Teixeira, from the left-leaning Center for American Progress, states that "the Republican party has become the party of the white working class[.]"  He and other Democratic strategists, including...(Read Full Article)