Voters Wrestle with Illegal Immigrant Realities

Explaining our illegal immigration problem is simple, yet few get around to actually doing it. Simply, it is the result of decades of bad border policy plus a few supply and demand realities. Understanding this is the key to figuring out a solution, yet so many get sidetracked by emotional tangents instead. And with liberals rolling in the aisles watching the Republican Party implode over what are ultimately inconsequential differences around illegal immigration, the Republic continues to burn -- thanks to rampant statism foisted on us by those same liberals. So perhaps it is time to soberly focus on why we are where we are and realistically what can be done to address it and to do so outside of the utopian visions of fantasy induced purities. And what cannot be done is anything that will at the snap of a finger make 60 or 70 years of mistakes go away. Like mass deportations Rapture style - ala the Left Behind series. This will not and cannot happen under any circumstances - primarily...(Read Full Article)