The Syrian Social Nationalist Party: The World's Assassination Party

Lebanon has seen its share of atrocities and murders, including the assassinations of many high-profile persons.  For years, terrorism experts have pointed fingers to groups like Hezb'allah, Hamas, and the Palestinian Liberation Organization and their offshoots for heinous events against Israel and the few allies within Lebanon.  But are the aforementioned terrorist groups just puppets to a greater evil? Many would like to believe that Hezb'allah and Hamas are superior in their terrorist operations.  Make no mistake, however: these terrorist entities are worthless without some form of assistance, in this case funded by either Iran or Syria.  Nation-states cannot acknowledge their cooperation with such groups, so they must support terrorist operations clandestinely. One of the greatest movers and shakers supporting Lebanese terror comes from a Syrian/Lebanese-recognized political party: the Syrian Social Nationalist Party.  Founded by social scientist academic...(Read Full Article)