The Implications of Proliferating Regional Government

All over the world, regions stand where nations once stood.  The world is on the cusp of a revolution in political arrangements, as the citizens of the world are losing control with hardly a word spoken.   After the successful Aunschluss of the Lisbon Treaty took place, historic European nations fell one by one to the power of the European Union.  Recent reports indicate that a small elite now governs Europe, through a highly removed and secretive process.  Examples of this newfound European collectivism were observed recently in Greece, when EU officials threatened to place the nation of Greece in suzerainty, due to unsustainable debt obligations.  A nation reduced to province?  But this trend is not limited to Europe.  In Asia, APEC now straddles the region, drawing on pledges from individual member nations to surrender economic sovereignty to APEC institutions.  In South East Asia, ASEAN gains increasing leverage over previously sacred...(Read Full Article)