The 2012 Presidential Election Will Be Won or Lost in the Middle

The odds of President Obama being re-elected are much higher than the odds of him being elected in 2008.  Don't take anything for granted, because this battle won't be easy.  The 2012 presidential election promises to be a real humdinger.  Speaking broadly, political pundits tell us that it will focus on the economy (things like jobs, taxes, and spending) and that it will be brutal.  Political insiders put a finer point on it.  For instance, Chris Lehane, who helped guide Al Gore's failed 2000 campaign for the presidency, said, "It's going to be extremely different, with much more hand-to-hand combat, from one foxhole to another, targeted to key states."  Terry Holt, a Republican consultant, said, "You can expect a very negative campaign.  In 2008, Barack Obama was peddling hope and change.  Now he's peddling fear and poverty." Tuesday's election results prove that both Lehane and Holt were on the right track.  The "Personhood Amendment"...(Read Full Article)