My surreal experience reporting staff sexual molestation to my college administration

When I was a young naive college freshman, I caught a bad cold and visited my college infirmary.  The physician was an extremely handsome man who touched me inappropriately at the end of his listening to my chest.  As I remember it now, over twenty years later, in the context of a physical medical exam, the doctor touched first my breast and then my buttocks in a very intimate and suggestive manner. I went back to my dorm room -- and the more I thought about what had happened, the more upset I became.  How dare that physician take advantage of a very sick 17 year old girl living away from home?! I called my mom and asked her what I should do.  One of us had the idea that I should write a letter to my college President explaining what had happened.  My goal was for the college administration to talk to the doctor and inform him that a complaint had been filed and that the college was going to carefully monitor his behavior with young college patients. My...(Read Full Article)