Joe Paterno and the Act that Dare Not Speak Its Name

The Penn State scandal has several dimensions beyond the disgusting alleged outrages by former defensive coach Jerry Sandusky.  The most newsworthy item to the average person so far has been the termination of football coach Joe Paterno at age 85, who broke the NCAA Division 1 record for most wins in his last game for the Nittany Lions the Saturday before the story broke. Paterno is accused of not following up on a report he received in 2002 that Sandusky was observedanally raping a  ten year old* male in the football team's locker room.  Paterno did pass on the information to members of the athletic department but, according to investigators, did not act more aggressively to pursue the matter.  Paterno is not listed as a criminal suspect in the case, but his fabled career received the death sentence.  Now the outrage over Sandusky's crimes has created additional fallout, contaminating all who were involved.  But what was going on in Paterno's mind...(Read Full Article)