Gov. Jan Brewer Wins a Round in the Great Arizona Redistricting Battle

Governor Jan Brewer once again shows she is at the forefront of doing what is right for Arizona.  The state's 5-member re-districting committee's Democrats and chairwoman wanted to turn a red-state congressional delegation blue by redrawing the boundaries of the state's congressional districts so that the Democrats would end with a 5-to-4 advantage.  Brewer called for the legislature to meet in a special session on November 1 to provide comments and recommendations regarding the congressional draft maps and for the state Senate to vote on removing the chairperson, Colleen Mathis.  This was done with 21 Republicans voting yes, 6 Democrats voting no, and 3 Democrats not voting.  Because Mathis did not perform the duties of her office, she was justly removed. The chairperson is to be an independent, someone who is supposed to remain neutral and base decisions on facts.  The president of the state Senate, Russell Pearce (R), told American Thinker, "We could...(Read Full Article)