Why Herman Cain (and Almost Everyone Else) Missed the Housing Bubble

Now that Herman Cain has become a top-tier presidential candidate for the Republican nomination, he is receiving a greater degree of scrutiny than ever before.  And that includes efforts by the mainstream media to do what they do best to conservative candidates: prove somehow that said candidates are unfit to serve. First it was MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell playing the role of the white liberal lecturing Herman Cain on what it means to be black.  Now it's Chuck Todd wondering what did Cain know and when did he know it...about housing bubbles. During an October 11 interview (minute 4:58) on MSNBC, Chuck Todd said to Cain: This is something you wrote in 2005, saying, arguing that there was no housing bubble. You wrote this in 2005, in Business and Media Institute, you said, "Coverage of the Bush economy reads like a collection of Democratic Party press releases, calling a strong economy everything from struggling to volatile or dicey. That kind of ignorance makes...(Read Full Article)