Who Will Be the First Victims of Obama's Decision to Lead from Behind?

With the news that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have stolen dozens of surface-to-air missiles from Libya and hidden them at bases in southern Sudan, one cannot help but wonder when and where the first commercial jetliner carrying hundreds of innocent civilians will be shot down.  Or will it be a military plane patrolling the skies over Iraq or Afghanistan?  One thing is clear: scenes reminiscent of Pan Am Flight 103 blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland 23 years ago and of the U.S. soldiers in the downed Blackhawk helicopters whose bodies were dragged through the streets in Mogadishu 18 years ago may very well become commonplace in a world where America leads from behind. According to a Telegraph report, the IRG's Quds forces "took advantage of the chaos that engulfed Libya following the collapse of the regime of former dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to seize 'significant quantities' of advanced weaponry," including "sophisticated Russian-made SA-24 missiles[.]" ...(Read Full Article)