We Should Listen to What Abbas Is Really Saying

Serving his sixth year of a four-year term that expired on January 9, 2009, the unelected president of a people who first came into existence in 1964 appeared before the United Nations and demanded a homeland.  Mahmoud Abbas, once again calling himself the President of the Palestinian Authority (PA), invoked a sense of legitimacy that could have made sense only in an organization that gave the world the biggest swindle in the history of humanity -- oil for food.   In an organization where Gaddafi's Libya chaired the Commission on Human Rights, where Saddam Hussein's Iraq headed the Commission on Disarmament, and where Hezbollah's Lebanon sits on the Security Council, Abbas's presence as the voice of the Palestinian people was in keeping with the farce the U.N. has become.  As Abbas's grandfatherly image flashed across the TV screen in a Gaza restaurant, the Hamas-run General Investigative Services were busy showing Gaza's inhabitants how much Abbas spoke for them by...(Read Full Article)