Wall Street Mobs Play into Herman Cain's Hands

If anyone needed more evidence that the stars seem aligned for Herman Cain's campaign for presidency, then I submit the logically challenged Wall Street protestors.  The intellectual bankruptcy and childish behavior of the protesters provide a jaw-dropping contrast to Cain, whose "only in America" success story gives breath to his pro-liberty and pro-America message, not to mention his Tea Party-type supporters.

This stark juxtaposition gives Cain a boost simply by its existence.  The very nature of the gatherings -- the "Occupy" mobs versus the Tea Party rallies -- give us a glimpse into our collective choice of futures.

Imagine: if our nation was filled with folks like the protesters, there would be no civil society, no economy, and no opportunity -- except for the chance of a power-grab by totalitarians.  Trash, feces, and bitterness would dominate the landscape.  Property would be something that you take from others, and government bureaucrats would be the main purveyors of that theft.  

The mob's understanding of reality is so stunted that the iPhones and blankets and food and even the condoms they depend on are products of a free-market capitalist system they want to demolish.  These are intellectual children -- and a society must have intellectual adults, or it will fail.

On the other hand, if our nation was filled with Tea Party followers, the country would be clean, prosperous, and polite.  There would be significant emphasis on leaving the country better for the next generation.  Opportunity would be there for those who would but pursue it.  Property would be something you have the chance to earn and keep.  Government would be limited and certainly not central to our lives -- indeed, government would protect us from the likes of the mobs.  From what I can tell, no one would mistake a police car for a port-a-potty.

As it stands now -- politically speaking -- our country is at a tipping point, with the forces aligned with the protesters on one end of the spectrum and those simpatico with the vision of the Tea Party on the other.  As stated by Mark Levin earlier this week, if "the libs are not defeated," then this (the protests) is what America at large will become in ten years.  Ten years may be a generous assessment.

So why does this play into Herman Cain's hands in particular?

There are several reasons, but I'll preface them with the concession that the protests are good news for all conservatives simply by giving everyone a glimpse of the socialist dream world.  These images and the support given to the movement by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid should be great news for every GOP candidate in November of 2012.  I just refuse to believe that this is the America that a majority of voters want.

Cain specifically gains from this, though, due to the fact that he has shown the boldness in the last couple of days to call it as he sees it.  Everyone else in the field is staying silent or repeating shallow bromides given them by handlers.  Cain is saying what many are feeling inside.

But this is more than just a shallow PR strategy advantage for Cain.  His very life puts the lie to the protesters message (such as it can be deciphered).  He instinctively speaks from the point of view of all of us who want but our fair shot at the American dream.  His anger is a righteous anger that is aimed at those who would destroy that dream with their ignorance of it.  He realizes that a government growing in size, scope, and reach is the hammer that these liberals will use to destroy the dream.  This is Tea Party 101.

And Cain's candidacy is a more or less a creation of -- or a reaction to -- the citizen's Tea Party movement.  It is what launched the idea and formed the foundation of the crazy notion that he should run for president.  This is who Cain is, and he is by definition the opposite of OWS.  Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and even Ron Paul all share a bit of the Tea Party zeitgeist.  But Cain is the essence of it, coming as he has from the world of free enterprise.

Moreover, Cain's business career is one of Main Street more than Wall Street.  So while Mitt Romney has an amazing business career as a credential, his business career was also a Wall Street career.  The problem with Wall Street is that over the years it has become more and more of a crony capitalist institution and shares little with the entrepreneurial spirit of "building a better mousetrap."  Thus, a sliver of anger at Wall Street from the leftist protesters is ironically coincident with a bit of the anger at Wall Street from the Tea Party perspective.

All of this plays into the notion that Cain's candidacy is riding a perfect storm that can come into play only when a certain person meets a certain point in history.  That Cain's once-long shot candidacy is now top-tier by anyone's assessment is testament to the fact that this perfect storm has already formed to a certain degree.  While Bachmann, Santorum, and Paul continue to attack Perry -- while Perry is attacking Romney -- it is only Cain and Newt who are keeping their eye on the ball by attacking Obama and liberal big government.

For all of his brilliance and his understanding of the times we are in, Newt's history of dalliance with political correctness is why he is probably not the man for this point in history.  Cain, meanwhile, was living the private-sector American dream, beating cancer, and publicly speaking out against the dangers of liberalism.  He instantly knew to get on the Tea Party train.  This is why many in the Tea Party are now on the Cain Train. 

Who knows how long Cain's crest will last?  What's for certain, though, is that for the time being, the "Occupy" mobs are only going to make the Cain Train more crowded.

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