The United States Can't Afford Four More Years of President Obama

Occupy Wall Street has taken center stage for the Democratic Party and their enthusiasts.  The ragtag mob of malcontents is getting support from unions and the likes of billionaire hedge fund guru George Soros, both connected with the Democratic Party.  As the occupiers attract more media coverage, they become more belligerent.  Rather than running for cover as things run amok, former Obama administration official and Democratic Party candidate for the U.S. Senate from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren claimed credit for the "intellectual foundation" of the movement.  Frontline big-city mayors are growing weary of the unruly throngs because of the problems they have created for their citizens and visitors.  In Oakland; Atlanta; and Providence, Rhode Island, city officials are taking steps to shut down OWS operations and return their cities to normal.  Simultaneously, in an obvious attempt to win over young people before the 2012 election, President Obama...(Read Full Article)