The Fat Guy and the Skinny Guy: More Alike Than They Appear

For all their contrasting looks, Chris Christie and Barack Obama are alike in one critical respect: both are the kind of politician endangered elites offer up when they correctly perceive their power threatened.  To preserve their dominance, establishments seek above all to protect the orthodoxies they have enshrined and the trends they have fostered.  By doing so, they maintain the interests of those they depend upon critically for support, and they limit the damage that challengers can cause.  This stasis is sold by wrapping it artfully in the bright colors and shimmering bows of novelty. Barack Obama has been a perfect example.  He looked different, but his Hope and Change never challenged an elite orthodoxy.  For all his wife's assurances that our lives "as usual" were over, Obama presumed to place himself at the front of Democrat-approved social and cultural trends, all the while never challenging one.  He dutifully followed the rules of Democrat...(Read Full Article)