Raisin' [a Few Issues for the Purpose of Honestly Vetting Herman] Cain!

"I'm the only problem-solver in the group," Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain told Mike Huckabee in an August Fox News appearance.  Well, many candidates bill themselves as problem-solvers.  In fact, if we asked any candidate running for any office in the entire country, practically every one would likely define him- or herself as able to solve problems.  Yet we know that politicians, as a rule, create and worsen problems rather than fix them. The danger in electing self-proclaimed problem-solvers is that they often put too much faith in their own ability.  Overconfidence turns the hopeful campaign pronouncements of otherwise successful people into dismal policy.  In the end, Americans usually end up with more laws, less freedom, and no money. The question is what type of problem-solver Cain will be as president.  For example, Herbert Hoover (a genius in his own right -- a self-made man who was the wealthiest president in modern history)...(Read Full Article)