Profiling: Just Do It!

I don't travel by air much these days.  Since the destruction of the twin towers and the loss of thousands of American lives on September 11th, our government's security policies have become increasingly bizarre and burdensome.   Lately, they are supposedly making an attempt at "concessions" to the American flying public by relaxing TSA regulations on shoes, little kids, and diapered adults.  They are still a long way from being reasonable. On a recent trip, I actually felt blessed to pass through SEATAC airport's security, enduring nothing more than a metal detector on my way to a family reunion.  I commented to my husband, "My, they really are ratcheting it back."  A few months before, the TSA had swiped my hands to see if I had traces of explosive chemicals on my fingertips, and then I was required to walk through a body scanner.  Our most recent trip out of Seattle required running only two laptop computers through the x-ray machine -- but we...(Read Full Article)