Obama Ethics: Safer to Be a Golden-Winged Warbler than a Baby Human

It appears that thanks to the Obama administration, our great national nightmare may finally be coming to a close.  Now, don't be confused.  By "national nightmare" I am not referring to something as petty as our culture's nearly forty-year-old abolition of the unalienable right to life for those deemed inconvenient or unplanned, or something as inconsequential as the breakdown of the family unit and the moral decay that has come as a consequence.  Nor am I talking about the child's play that is the ongoing threat of radical Islam and its war against Western civilization.  And just stop with the silliness about our relentless unemployment crisis and stagnating economy.  I'm talking about the big stuff here. Word has emerged that President Obama is finally taking steps to protect the melodic golden-winged warbler.  It appears that he was the one that we'd been waiting for after all. With his finger firmly on the pulse of what is most...(Read Full Article)