Michael McFaul: Not Exactly Russian Ambassador Material

The statement read by Michael McFaul to the U.S. Congress at the outset of his confirmation hearings to assume the post of U.S. ambassador to Russia was so full of misleading statements that it might as well have been made by a Russian spy -- or Vladimir Putin himself.  If this man is confirmed as our next ambassador to the Putin dictatorship, it will be one of the great blunders in the history of the U.S. Congress. McFaul begins his statement in the manner of a classic propagandist, talking about his charming family and his boyhood in Montana and his bright-eyed idealism.  McFaul obviously felt he needed to distract the attention of the Congress from the total failure of American policy on Russia, a failure which has resulted in Vladimir Putin, a proud KGB spy who hates America like the plague, returning to power as president for life.  McFaul chose to completely ignore this topic in his speech.  In fact, McFaul did not say the word "Putin" even once -- not once...(Read Full Article)