Israel's Jewish Character Is Her Truth; the Rest Is Just Commentary

A bill was introduced in the Knesset last year to amend Israel's Oath of Allegiance to require all new immigrants to swear their loyalty to a "Jewish and democratic" state.  The bill does not represent any great ideological shift, but rather is consistent with Israel's Declaration of Independence and Basic Laws, which refer to her as a Jewish state multiple times and have the force and effect of a constitutional mandate. Nevertheless, the proposed amendment has been roundly condemned by the political left and liberal press in Israel and abroad, with many commentators opining that it is incompatible with democratic principles.  This assertion is nonsense, however, and serves only to camouflage the post-Zionist, anti-Zionist, or anti-Israel sentiments of the proposal's critics.  It also betrays an ignorance regarding the fundamentals of democratic governance.  In no way does official acknowledgment of Israel's Jewish character compromise the individual rights and...(Read Full Article)