He's Back! Putin Gearing Up for His Hundredth Term as President

Well, that's it, then.  Russia has gone completely insane.  If Gordon Hahn has anything to say about it, however, you ain't seen nuthin' yet. Last week, a top figure in the Russian Orthodox Church stated: "This is a genuine example of kindness and morality in politics that citizens in the majority of countries, including those that try to lecture to us, can envy." He was talking about Vladimir Putin's announcement that Putin would return to power as president for life.  Putin is a proud KGB spy who is likely the murderer of numerous Russian journalists and opposition political figures with names like Starovoitova, Litvinenko, Politikovskaya, Yushenkov, Shchekochikhin, Girenko, Klebnikov, Kozlov, Estemirova, and Markelov. The priest asked plaintively: "When in the history of Russia has top government power been handed over so peacefully, properly, honestly and friendly?" It's hard to understand what he meant by "honestly," since both Putin and the...(Read Full Article)