Back in the USSR (You Don't Know How Lucky You Are)

The news this week has offered us a wonderfully satirical view of Russia.  Headlines tell us that Russian Premier Vladimir Putin will once again "run" for president of the Russian Republic.  Now, this is being reported as if he really has to run for the office.  And it seems that the current "president," Dmitri Medvedev, is only too willing to step aside to allow for Mr. Putin to make his run.  That's like saying the monkey is willing to give way for the organ grinder. Vladimir Putin's Russian nickname would not be Vlad, but Vova.  And the Russian word for what he is is vozhd.  That's what Russians call the boss.  And boss he is, to be sure. He has had his puppet parliament increase the length of the term of the Russian president.  From now on, the Kremlin vozhd will serve six-year terms.  And Vova is eligible to serve two consecutive terms.  That would put him in power until 2024 -- when, at 72, he may get a hankering to "run" again....(Read Full Article)