Ten Years After 9-11: Two Muslim Women in America

A young Muslim woman moved to America from Morocco with her husband in 2008.  She was married at age 17 to a man that she did not know before the wedding.  She filed for divorce after arriving in America the next year, complaining of abuse and what her husband called "punishment."  She told the courts that her husband continued to torment and rape her during the divorce process. This 18 year-old girl asked the New Jersey judge for a restraining order but the request was denied after the judge considered an imam's testimony saying that Islamic law requires a wife to comply with her husband's sexual demands.  The imam explained that the husband is prohibited from obtaining sexual satisfaction elsewhere so the wife must obey.  The judge acknowledged that this was a case in which religious custom clashed with state law and that the wife had a right to refuse husband's advances.  However, the judge also found that domestic violence and assault did occur, but...(Read Full Article)