Obama's 2012 Campaign Strategy: War?

A new war that threatens to unravel American society may be brewing.  The war has already been openly and publicly declared.  Not by a foreign enemy or even a terrorist organization, but by members of the United States Congress.  By union leaders.  And by the vice president of the United States.

Even while successfully implementing the most radical leftist agenda this country has ever known, Barack Obama, the Messiah of the radical, socialist left, has taken some big body blows.  Frustrated, disillusioned, and angry, the liberal wing of the Democratic party is becoming unhinged day by day as they witness the meltdown.  They believe Obama caved to Republicans on the debt deal.  He caved on taxing the rich.  He caved on new smog regulations, and, embarrassingly, he caved to House Speaker John Boehner when attempting to schedule a speech to a joint session of Congress on the same evening as a Republican presidential debate.  In the midst of plummeting poll numbers, Obama has been behaving like a beaten man.  He still talks the talk, but the left is petrified that their man is not capable of walking the walk, and that he's all but ready to cave once again and virtually concede the 2012 presidential election to those evil Republicans. 

It's clear that Obama is floundering.  And liberals are fighting mad.  But help is on the way.  Obama has a secret weapon and it's being unleashed on the American public with increasing frequency, ferocity, and vulgarity.  

Carefully implied calls for lawlessness and threats of violence are raining in from Obama's radical leftist buddies.  Whether it's the Congressional Black Caucus, Big Labor, or the increasingly incoherent Rev. Jesse Jackson, the anger is palpable and the rage is rising.  Liberals who plaintively pressed for "civil discourse" when Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D) was shot by a left-wing lunatic have been largely silent.  While California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters screams that the "TEA Party can go straight to hell," mainstream media outlets say little.  Waters theorized that banks might behave differently if they were surrounded by angry citizens demanding their money -- in effect, advocating a run on banks.  She later threatened to tax banks out of business if they did not provide loan modifications to keep people in their homes.  Mainstream media reports?  Just listen for the crickets. 

The Congressional Black Caucus is chest-high in the battle, openly declaring war on the TEA Party and, along with Rep. Waters, advocating civil unrest as they attempt to frame the current political debate in wildly racial terms.  Big Labor joined the fracas with Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa firing up a Labor Day crowd in Detroit just before President Obama was to speak.  Hoffa spoke of war and singled out the TEA Party as the enemy: "President Obama, this is your army.  We are ready to march.  Let's take these son-of-a-bitches out[.]"  One might expect President Barack Obama to seize the opportunity of the event, adopt a tone of civility, and try to calm the inflamed rhetoric and high emotion that is bubbling over in liberal circles.  Hardly.  After taking the podium, Obama remarked that he was "proud" of Hoffa.  Later, the White House declined to comment on Hoffa's tirade.  

At an AFL-CIO rally in Cincinnati, Vice President Joe Biden barked to the union crowd that "you are the only folks keeping the barbarians from the gates."  Biden wowed attendees with his passion as he pounded the podium, claiming that "the other side has declared war on Labor's house and it's about time we stand up!"  Last week, Democratic Representative from Indiana Andre Carson stood by his statement at a Congressional Black Caucus town hall meeting that "[s]ome of them in Congress right now with this Tea Party movement would love to see you and me ... hanging on a tree."  Wow.

Obama cannot be reelected on his presidential record.  Economic and employment numbers are terrible.  Seventy-six percent of Americans believe we're headed in the wrong direction, and 65% do not trust him on the economy.  Politically speaking, there is blood in the water.  All that Obama can do is to blame the other guy. 

So, Obama's surrogates and allies gleefully whip up virulent anti-TEA Party, anti-Conservative, anti-Republican sentiment in an effort to shift the blame for the country's problems and create a veritable "boogeyman" for him to run against.  By attacking the TEA Party and using such racially charged and combative language, Obama's liberal disciples are trying to gain support for something that's never been attempted before by an American president: to wage political war against the American people.

The liberal left appears to be in the early stages of this effort.  They are recruiting their forces and mobilizing for a fight that could well stretch the fabric of our society to the breaking point.  If violence comes to America's neighborhoods and streets, the liberal left will shoulder the blame.  And it could happen.

It's happened before in America.  In 1992.  In Los Angeles.

In March 1991, an intoxicated Rodney King was severely beaten by four Los Angeles police officers after a 100-mph car chase.  The beating was videotaped (a rare event at the time) and incessantly replayed on local and national news stations.  The police officers involved were suspended and eventually prosecuted.  All four were found not guilty during the initial trial.  The events that followed illustrate what can happen when public officials are irresponsible in their speech.  LA Mayor Tom Bradley quickly commented on the acquittals and added a shot of fuel to the tinder box that was Los Angeles.  Rather than appealing for calm and for respect of the judicial process, Bradley felt compelled to share his personal feelings: "we will not tolerate the savage beating of our citizens by a few renegade cops."  That was all Los Angeles needed.  The 1992 Los Angeles riots erupted.  Rep. Maxine Waters was there too -- making excuses for the rioters she called it a "rebellion" and an "insurrection" and eventually joined in with the throng as she chanted "no justice, no peace!" while 53 people died, 2,000 were injured, and 1,100 buildings were destroyed. 

It's clear that Tom Bradley's and Maxine Waters' behavior in 1992 Los Angeles was, at best, not helpful.  At worst, they helped incite or intensify the LA riots, leaving Bradley and Waters with innocent blood on their hands.  Bradley has since passed on.  Waters lives on, inciting more hatred and advocating more violence.  This time for all of America. 

History is clear.  Liberals have done this kind of thing before.  And for the sake of four more years of Barack Obama, they seem willing to do it again. 

Jay Clarke is a businessman and lifelong conservative from Southern California.  Write him at socalscriptor@gmail.com.