Obama Has Aggravated Muslim Extremism

We have the first administration in American history that's both fabulously incompetent and anti-American to boot.

This weekend Charles Krauthammer said on Fox News that Obama is simply in over his head.  But Rush Limbaugh thinks BHO is blowing up the economy on purpose.

Well, how about both?  Maybe this is the Keystone Kops trying to commit national hara kiri

Domestically, we're in the longest recession in the last sixty years.  And if that's not enough, take our foreign policy.  Please.

The howling fanatics who just stormed the Israeli Embassy in Cairo happen to be the same old Blind Sheikh gang that truck-bombed the Twin Towers in Manhattan in 1993.  That was the first NYC attack by Radical Moos, remember?  Eighteen years ago.  Fortunately, that bomb didn't do structural damage to the buildings, but it led straight to 9/11/01.

Bill Clinton managed to ignore the Blind Sheikh for two whole terms until "those chickens came home to roost" on 9/11/01, to use Rev Wright lingo.

National Review's Andy McCarthy was the federal prosecutor for the Blind Sheikh, and has spent years writing about all the chances we've blown against  Jam'a al-Islamiya.  Today they look stronger than ever, or they wouldn't be storming the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, with Egypt's boss General Tantawi refusing to answer the phone.

This attack represents the complete breakdown of the 30-year Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty.  It would never have happened if Obama had just left President Mubarak in peace.  Mubarak kept the Moo Bros out of power.

But no...Obama's Alinsky Reflex got triggered by those pictures of big crowds in Tahrir Square, and the New York Times told all the mediots that this had to be the "Arab Spring."  CBS News promptly sent comely correspondent Lara Logan into Tahrir Square, where the Moo crowd turned on her and committed gang rape.  Score another historic first for Obama and liberal insanity.

See, under Obama those peace-loving Muslims really like the United States of America.  It's because Obama shows respect.

On the other hand, if our mediots are going to peddle lies about 1,200 years of Islamic head-chopping, it's only right for them to personally test the sincerity of the Religion of Peace.  I therefore nominate Chris Matthews to test the peaceful intentions of, ummm, the Taliban in Helmand Province?  The Al-Shabab head-choppers in Mogadishu?  The new bin Laden guy in Yemen?  How about the Moo Bros in Cairo?

There are so many trip options for our media.

Don't bring the U.S. Marines to protect you, Chris.  Just follow your own advice about peace and love in the Age of Obama.  In fact, I'll take up a collection to pay for your flight, any place where the mobs are running in the Muslim world.  (One-way fare only.)

I don't know if anybody is counting the victims of the Arab Spring, but it has to run into the tens of thousands of dead and wounded, if you add up Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, and all the places the media don't even bother to phone any more.

So far not a single democracy has dawned.  Spring has turned to summer and fall, and not a single flower of freedom is visible, contrary to the New York Times and Barack Hussein Obama.

Just the opposite.  Turkey is threatening a naval war against Israel, the Egyptian Moo Bros are promising war as soon as they beat their enemies in the military, and that skinny maniac in Tehran has a radioactive glint in his mad little eyes.

For the first time in 30 years Egypt has lost control over the Sinai Desert, and four hundred al-Qaeda are reported to be blowing up natural gas lines there, in collusion with the local Moos.  Even the CIA has reached a total of 2,000 Taliban and AQs killed in its targeted assassinations.  Some Arab Spring.

Egypt was the pillar of peace in the Middle East for thirty years.  But Obama had to demand Mubarak's overthrow, in public, over and over again until the 82-year-old Mubarak had a heart attack, a stroke, and cancer (all according to media reports), resigned, got jailed by the military, and was put on a public show trial for the international press, lying in a thick steel cage in his white hospital bed.

How's that for community organizing?  I can see the whole Muslim world getting organized already.  Waddaguy. 

Muslim radicalism is more powerful today than when Obama took over.  In every country where it was suppressed, Muslim radicals are now in the open and making a serious grab for power.  That goes for Turkey, Egypt, the PA, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco -- not to mention those 53 million Muslims in Europe.  In several cases, Obama has acted in public to make things worse.

One of the few voices of sanity today is Prof. Niall Ferguson, who is now warning about worse to come.  Why?  Because big countries like Egypt don't grow enough food.  Local capital has been escaping to safer places.  Stuck without money to import grain, Egypt's population will start seeing bare food shelves soon.  That applies to Syria and other large, poor countries, too.  In Southern Europe, Greece, Italy, and Spain are having historic budget crises, and the EU is forcing Greece to go into bankruptcy.

Hunger doesn't stop riots, wars, and revolutions.  It makes them worse.

That's community organization for ya.


Niall Ferguson writes:

The big story, however, is capital flight. Egyptian businessmen complain of soaring crime in the cities, the difficulty of carrying out normal transactions, and, above all, nerve-racking political uncertainty. Rich Arabs do not trust this revolution. Since January they have been rushing to get their cash into safe havens, some arriving in London or Zurich with suitcases full of cash. According to Reuters, the country's foreign-exchange reserves fell by as much as a third in the first three months of the year. Al-Hayat newspaper estimates that $30 billion has left Egypt since the onset of the Arab Spring. ...

... The bottom line is that economic conditions have gotten worse, not better, as a result of the Arab Spring. Inflation is now above 12 percent in Egypt. Unemployment is up, too.

None of this should surprise us. Such is the life cycle of revolutions. What begins with euphoric crowds soon slides into a second phase of economic paralysis. The same happened in France after the initial "bliss" of 1789 and in Russia after 1917. In each case, exuberance at the overthrow of the old regime was swiftly succeeded by exasperation at the decline in living standards. And that was what gave the political extremists their opportunity to peddle their radical ideology of war against internal and external foes. Yesterday, the Jacobins and Bolsheviks. Tomorrow, I fear, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda.

Whom will Obama get to blame now?