No More 'Sound[ing] Like Crazy People' - in Any Language

"YIKES" was the headline yesterday on Bill Kristol's special editorial in the online edition of the Weekly Standard.  Kristol was commenting on how the GOP presidential candidates presented themselves (and conservatism) in Thursday night's debate.  "I'm watching my first debate," someone whom Bill Kristol described as a "bright young conservative," texted him, "and WE SOUND LIKE CRAZY PEOPLE!!!"   Methinks our young friend is overwrought. But he -- and Bill Kristol -- are on to something.   In effect, a circular firing squad has formed among the GOP candidates.  Not good.  You can blame the campaign consultants for that.   Ed Rollins's first rule of campaigning?  "Always fire first."  Bill Clinton's own evil genius, James Carville, famously said that "when your enemy is drowning, throw him an anvil."  The Ragin' Cajun seems to like throwing anvils so much he just dropped one on his own guy.   The premise of scorched-earth...(Read Full Article)