Leaders Reflect on 9/11

There are certain events that make a lasting impression.  Those that witnessed the horrific catastrophe on September 11th, 2001 will never forget, just as past generations never forgot about Pearl Harbor and the JFK assassination.  Almost everyone can remember where they were and how they felt that day.  American Thinker interviewed former policy makers, legislators, law enforcement officials, and intelligence experts as they reflect back ten years later. Policy Makers Vice-President Dick Cheney The former VP wanted the prologue to his book, In My Time, to be "a snapshot of that particular day.  Any drama is built in because those are the kinds of events we had to deal with on 9/11. Losing 3000 people was an act of war and we were all of a sudden a wartime administration." A lesson to be learned is that the enhanced interrogation gained actual intelligence.  The former Vice-President wants Americans to know that the reports of waterboarding have been...(Read Full Article)