Islamizing the Curriculum in Georgia

Many of us have been calling out and exposing the destructive propaganda war that is being waged in our nation's classrooms.  Time and time again, we find extensive lessons on Islam in the public schools, extolling Islamic misogyny and waxing poetic on sharia and the brutal oppression of non-Muslims and apostates.

Last week, we found that schools across Georgia were Islamizing the curriculum by selling misogyny to children.  They were using a lesson plan that glorifies the cloth coffin that Muslims dress women in, as well as polygamy:

My name is Ahlima and I live in Saudi Arabia. ... Perhaps two differences Westerners would notice are that women here do not drive cars and they wear abuyah. An abuyah is a loose-fitting black cloth that covers a woman from head to toe. I like wearing the abuyah since it is very comfortable, and I am protected from blowing sand. ... I have seen pictures of women in the West and find their dress to be horribly immodest. ... Women in the West do not have the protection of the Sharia as we do here. If our marriage has problems, my husband can take another wife rather than divorce me, and I would still be cared for. ... I feel very fortunate that we have the Sharia.

A parent, Hal Medlin, complained: "I thought this was absurd.  [The teacher] was trying to compare Islamic rules of dress and how they compared to school uniforms, which I thought was a stretch.  The principal and the [superintendent] agreed with me ... but they wouldn't agree with my premise that it put Islam in a positive light because of the [statements]."

Of course it put Islam in a positive light.  This is not education; this is proselytizing.  Bear in mind that these letters are fictitious -- propaganda created to soft sell misogyny.  It is time our children were taught about the 270 million victims of over a millennium of jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilations, and enslavements.  And the systematic dehumanization of women: honor killings, clitorectomies, and so much more.  Where is the caning?  Where is the prohibition of women leaving the house without a male family member?  Where is the prohibition of women driving?

This document was hosted on a public school district's official website.  When we called attention to it, the lesson was quickly pulled and scrubbed from the web.  But I have screenshots of everything, because I knew that as soon as I exposed this dawah (Islamic proselytizing), the school official quislings would scrub this material.  And they did -- so they know that what they are promoting is wrong.

We are watching the situation closely.  We found more ugly lessons. And the school is copping a plea to local media.

Laura Armstrong, a columnist for the Marietta (Georgia) Daily Journal, informed me that Hal Medlin is in Cobb County, a northern suburb of Atlanta, while the lesson plan was on the website of Henry County, a southern suburb of Atlanta.  So this lesson is or was being used in at least two of the most populous suburban counties in Georgia.

Then there was another incident at another school in Georgia just last week.  Armstrong wrote me:

According to parents, a coach from a nearby high school, a Muslim American, was invited to at least one class to talk about his trip to Mecca. A parent complained to the principal and a school board member with no result. The excuse is "we're studying the culture of the Middle East."  But the visitor/lecturer is an American high school coach. His culture is obviously American. So the argument that it's a "cultural study" and not a religious study holds no water. He was obviously there in the public school classroom to promote and teach about his religion.

This is dawah, a religious mandate in Islam.  It is proselytizing.  If this is happening in any way in your schools, do not sit idly by.  As I describe in my new book, Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance, you must take action.  For this is a concerted effort, as I explain in the book.  Islamic supremacist groups have for quite some time consulted with public-school textbook publishers and made sure that material presented on Islam is heavily slanted, even to the point of proselytizing.  Combine that with the anti-Western multiculturalist bias of the publishers themselves, and the result is a large number of public-school textbooks that denigrate Judeo-Christian Western civilization and portray Islam in a glowingly positive light.

Serious pushback is required.  Do it.  What parents need to do every time the school gives a Muslim, or an imam, an opportunity for dawah is demand that the same accommodation be made for a priest, a rabbi, a Hindu holy man.  This must be the knee-jerk reaction.  A priest should be invited to speak about his trip to the Vatican and the beauty of Christianity; a Rabbi should discuss his life-changing experience at the Kotel, and how Judaism is the mother of monotheism.

Schools do not want to become religious battlegrounds, but they put themselves in that position when they allow themselves to be used in this way.  You are the freedom cop on the beat in your neighborhood.  Where you see freedom threatened, fight back.  You must shine the light on this indoctrination and raise a ruckus.  If we don't fight for freedom, we will surely lose it.

Pamela Geller is the publisher of and the author of Stop the Islamization of America (WND Books).

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