Despotism Breeds Federal Paranoia

Any environment where secrecy and social and political control are the operating parameters can breed paranoia.  Mere intellectual curiosity can be seen dangerous and treasonous.  It does not have to be the extreme behavior of the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia or the angry jealousy of Soviet Russia.

During the summer of 2009, we saw this with the White House healthcare "snitch site" ( where citizens were encouraged to turn in information -- or people -- who were reporting "lies" about ObamaCare. Eventually -- largely due to public outcry and immense amount of deliberately false and frankly riotous commentary rammed into the site -- it was pulled down.  To date there is not a general feeling of comfort about what the government has done with the data that was presented to them.

Not learning from their earlier mistake, recently Team Obama launched  If you follow the link, you will notice the address is ""  How touching, how personal, and how very, very creepy.  It quickly became a laughingstock, derided even by the Washington Post.  So far the result seems to be more embarrassing exposure, leading to a truck load of deliberately false information being sent into the site.  I have reported several attacks, mostly involving rumors being spread by animals during a trip to the zoo.  Strangely, each time I report a rumor, I get directed to a donation screen and a paid for by Obama for America logo.  It seems that they value the information a whole lot less than my money, which I will not give up freely.

Such Orwellian conduct has now reached the Federal Reserve.  This past weekend, reported that the Fed now wants to get in on the big brother act and listen in on what is being said.  Yet, instead of asking for information that might lead them to being labeled as paranoid Nazis, the Federal Reserve will now be casting a large net and actively start trolling for troublemakers.  Of course, about 60 minutes spent searching for news and commentary on the Federal Reserve would also be effective, but apparently The Bernank is just too lazy or too busy spending our money to take the time.  According to Zerohedge:

Said otherwise, the Fed has just entered the counterespionage era and will be monitoring everything written about it anywhere in the world. After all, why ask others to snitch for you and anger everyone as Obama found out the hard way, when you can pay others to create the supreme FIATtack WatchTM using money you yourself can print in unlimited amounts. And once the Internet is completely "transparent", the Fed will next focus on telephone conversations, and finally will simply bug each and every otherwise "private" location in the world. Because very soon saying that "printing money is treason" will be treason, and such terrorist thoughts must be pre-crimed before they even occur...

All we can say is we welcome our new Chairsatan Voldemort overlord. For it is truly he who must not be named henceforth.

Beyond Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Rick Perry, a growing number of other conservative public figures are beginning to not only raise question about the practices of the Federal Reserve, but also its very legitimacy.  A program like this erodes even further our trust in the Federal Reserve.

The recent FOIA requests by Bloomberg finally uncovered the staggering amount of American taxpayer money that was spent by the Federal Reserve -- in secret mind you -- during 2008-2009.  Basically, the Fed spent 1.2 trillion taxpayer dollars with no accountability, no oversight, and no vote by elected representatives.  

Such behaviors are entirely outside of the American experience and do not fit with the worldview of a large majority of our citizens.  Yet, our Congress allows this to happen.  Why?  Just who is in charge here?

If this activity bothers you, it should.  If it does not, I suggest a thorough reading of history until you make the connections and then you too can begin to become unsettled.  Then, kindly call your elected representatives.  A helpful link to do so is attached here. This monitoring program by the Federal Reserve needs to be snuffed out quickly.

What we are seeing now is nothing but naked paranoia by the administration and the banking cartel.  A cartel that is entirely unaccountable to the legislative process, and is now running our currency -- and our sovereignty -- into the ground. 

Having lost the messaging, having lost the narrative, having lost some of their secrecy, and now having lost the confidence of our citizens, these malignant forces are left with the only tool available: fear.