Barack Obama, Man of the People

The portrait of Barack Obama's presidency is that of an egocentric -- not only incapable of leadership, but someone who views the office as a vehicle for the satisfaction of his delusion that the world not only owes him a living, but a sumptuous one.

A trait common to many who espouse socialism, inclusive of dictators and Democrats, is an insatiable appetite for self-indulgence.  While those on the conservative side of the political spectrum are often accused of hypocrisy when it comes to matters of sex and morality, those on the left are equally guilty, if not more so, in matters of money, paying taxes, and lifestyle.

Regardless of the public image they may convey, Barack Obama and his wife never fail to take full advantage of a lifestyle that would be the envy of any modern-day monarch while the bulk of the American populace struggles to afford life's necessities.

He is but another in a long line of those who promote socialism and proclaim to be "of the people" with only the interests of the citizens at heart -- as they duplicitously pursue a personal agenda.   Beyond the unquestioned belief by those on the left that they are the most capable, thus superior and pre-ordained to govern the masses, the traits most common to the vast majority of self-described "progressives" in positions of power are jealousy, greed, and massively inflated delusions of entitlement.

Many in the West who espouse a Euro-socialist government model, inclusive of an implausible cradle-to-grave social compact with the people in order to garner votes, have toiled either in public office, government bureaucracy or within the education establishment.  Private wealth is, according to ideological first principles, "ill-gotten" and tainted with the blood, sweat, and tears of the honest workers exploited to attain it.

Yet there is no sociological taint associated with the money accumulated by government through excessive taxation of these same "evil-doers" in order to pay for generous public-sector salaries and lavish benefits, particularly for those in elected and appointed office.

However, the lifestyle achieved by the affluent, who made their money through private wealth and job-creation, is much to be desired.  In the myopic thought process of many of those on the left, they, as moral and intellectual superiors to the greedy capitalists, are also entitled to this same standard of living -- particularly as they "sacrificed" so much for the welfare of the common folk by toiling for so "little" while the rich and famous live well, having made their money so easily on the backs of others and without any perceived "sacrifice."  

The risk-taking process and the overall societal benefit of private wealth accumulation is foreign to the thought process of the adherents of socialism, particularly among the governing class in Western Europe and the United States, as virtually none have created wealth or jobs.  Despite publicly denigrating them, it is not a coincidence that so many leaders and upper-level bureaucrats in government are eager to socialize with and get in the good graces of the accomplished "wealthy."  Once out of office or no longer in government and with their earning power enhanced by fame, a mad dash begins among these people to accumulate as much wealth as quickly as possible, and those connections are invaluable.

Bill Clinton, whose net worth was less than $200,000 when he became president, has focused much of his post-presidency on becoming a multimillionaire.  Thanks to speaking fees, inside investment information, and book royalties, his estimated net worth is now $80+ million.  Al Gore reported a net worth less than $1 million when he became vice president, yet he has parlayed his connections into amassing a net worth considerably in excess of $100 million.

Not to be outdone, Tony Blair, former Labour Party prime minister of Great Britain, was worth about $350,000 upon assuming office in 1997 (he resigned in 2007).  He now owns three homes in England and has net worth above $35 million.  Many of his former ministers have accumulated significant wealth while taking excessive advantage of taxpayer largess while in office.

Among those in the House of Representatives and the Senate who espouse Euro-socialist doctrine, many have amassed considerable wealth not only upon leaving office, but while still in the Congress, where they live a life of exaggerated privilege at the expense of the American taxpayer.

In his brilliant satirical allegory of the Russian Revolution, Animal Farm, George Orwell devastatingly indentifies the mindset of the left.  In the book, the pigs, who represent the socialist ruling class, insist on keeping all the milk and apples to themselves.  The other animals, the working class, think they should be shared as the socialist/Marxist philosophy espouses.

The excuse the pigs proffer to the rabble:

Comrade, you do not imagine, I hope, that we pigs are doing this in a spirit of selfishness and privilege?  Many of us actually dislike milk and apples.  We pigs are brainworkers.  The whole management and organization of the farm depend on us.  Day and night we are watching over your welfare.  It is for your sake that we drink that milk and eat those apples.

The success of the revolution and an ultimate classless society, explain the pigs, depends on their leadership; therefore they must eat the best food.  In essence, the pigs lavish excess upon themselves to better serve the workers and prevent the evil capitalist, personified by Farmer Jones (the overthrown owner of the farm) from returning and "exploiting" the animals.

No one is a better example of this mindset than Barack Obama.  His sense of entitlement stems not only from a deep-seated belief in socialist theory and an overweening sense of superiority, but also as a man obsessed with his skin color and payback for his perception of Western colonialism (as detailed in his autobiography Dreams from My Father).  He is determined to exact a measure of personal revenge by "transforming America" and taking full advantage of all the perquisites of office.

Of the world's major democracies, only the United States merges the functions of the titular head of state and the leader of government into one office.  Barack Obama, however, views himself as the head of state only, and as he has no concept of what leadership is -- he cannot be bothered with the day-to-day responsibility of governance.  He delegates those responsibilities to other hardcore doctrinaire fellow travelers toiling in the background, many of whom are answerable to no one, as Barack Obama cares not what they do as long as the socialist agenda is advanced.

As head of state, President Obama can concentrate on state dinners, White House receptions, golf, overseas travel, exotic vacations, backslapping other like-minded politicians, union leaders, crony capitalists, Hollywood celebrities and the super-wealthy, and endless campaigning in order to continue deceiving the electorate.

The presidency of the United States to Mr. Obama is nothing more than a stage upon which he, in his convoluted sense of destiny, can act as head of state for the world.  He is much too busy enjoying the trappings of royalty, despite his oft-declared disdain for that class, to be bothered about the dismal future of the United States.  His future and political agenda are the only things that matter.  

Socialism/Marxism has always failed and will never succeed.  The leaders who espouse these governing philosophies will inevitably succumb to the major pitfalls of human nature: envy, greed, and self-aggrandizement.  However, the end result of these failings will fall most heavily on the everyday people whose standard of living will be severely degraded and, taken to the extreme, their society beset by violence and revolution.

The American people need to understand that when a politician stands before them, asking for their vote while extolling the virtues of massive central government, promising cradle to grave security, and claiming that he or she understands their pain and is on their side against the "evil" capitalists, their only real interest is themselves.