A Tea Party Conservative's Defense of Ron Paul...and His Supporters

I want to state at the outset that this essay is not intended to be an endorsement of Ron Paul.  While I respect and admire many of his positions and his fidelity to the Constitution, I have strong misgivings about some of his stances on national security.  If you could hear the debates between myself and my 20-year-old son, a passionate Ron Paul supporter, you would readily accept the sincerity of my disclaimer. That said, as the political season has heated up, I've been surprised at the tone of the discourse as it relates to Ron Paul.  In fact, I can hardly believe what I'm seeing and hearing from my fellow Tea Partiers and conservatives.  My assumption that conservatives are more thoughtful and logical than my emotion-driven liberal friends has taken a bit of a hit. Of course, honest debate is imperative in a presidential campaign, but name-calling is counterproductive.  Most confounding is how quickly the debate on Ron Paul has degenerated from a...(Read Full Article)