Where are the 2.5 Million Jobs, Mr. President?

A job is not something you defer thinking about, when you don't have one, Mr. President.  Now that you're back from vacation, I'm not looking forward to your jobs speech.  I lie awake at night worrying about my two cousins and a friend of thirty years -- one lost a small business, the second is watching his business go down the tubes, and the third, who supports her handicapped daughter, can't find a job.  Another friend tells me her son who graduated college a year ago can't find work.  He feels like a total failure in life as only a 22-year-old can, and she is worried about him.  One of his jobless college friends recently committed suicide.  None of these people I love and worry about show up in the unemployment statistics. Unemployment at 10% barely indicates the number of people in serious trouble, and the depth of the trouble they are in.    I also know two people who benefitted from the stimulus project.   A mentally ill...(Read Full Article)