What is a nice Latino like me doing at a Tea Party like this?

Even though I have donated to Michele Bachmann's campaign, I am not of the Tea Party. I am for it, but not of it. In order to explain "for, but not of," I may also provide conservatives with an insight into their complex relationships with the Latino community going into 2012. Here goes. The Bronze Age of Tea Party history: I was there! I volunteered at the Sarah Palin rally in Carson, California, in October 2008. She referred to Barack Obama "palling around with terrorists," a comment which was blown out of proportion, until it became common practice for editorialists to refer glibly to everything she said as bigoted. One progressive blogger wrote about the Palin rally: Among this raptured crowd of 20,000 was a frightening mix of Christian zealots, anti-abortion fanatics, and mostly white suburban women and men reconnecting with their high school mentality. Bright colored pom-poms were everywhere - as if Sarah Palin were head cheerleader, the women were on her squad, and the men were...(Read Full Article)