To Fix a Broken Country: The Critical Limits of American Politics

Both Democrats and Republicans are widely criticized for failing to fix a broken country, but America's core problems are not remediable in politics.  By itself, no American government -- no president, no Congress, no national legislation -- can ever halt the corrosive withering of heart, body, mind, and spirit that now imperils these United States.  No matter how well-intentioned, informed, and bipartisan, no formal rescue program can do more than tinker at the edges of what is truly important. There can, of course, be tangible increments of apparent progress, but nothing to drown out the growing lamentations of a lonely American crowd.  Driven single-mindedly by considerations of taxation, commerce, and consumption, our system of governance has now institutionalized a bitterly ironic amalgam of plutocracy and mob rule.  Unsurprisingly, our national redemption must now lie elsewhere, far beyond the incestuous and secondary spheres of government, economics, and...(Read Full Article)