Imposing Shariah Law in London

Imagine one morning waking up, walking out your door, and seeing bright yellow posters plastered on the walls and telephone poles throughout your neighborhood that announce that you are now living in a 'Shariah Controlled Zone.' That is what is actually happening in several boroughs of London and other communities in the UK... and this could realistically happen in US cities within the next few years if we do not take legal precautions against 'Shariah Law' in our states.

Some may think that I am an alarmist. After all, how can one believe that we Americans are as vulnerable as those Brits? That can't happen in the US. Well, the residents living in neighborhoods like Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets and Newham, all boroughs of London with large Muslim populations, didn't think so either.

This is more than a call or a march for 'Sharia Law' that has happened in recent months. This is a clear attempt to impose 'Shariah Law' on the residents of these communities by members of a Muslim organization called 'Muslims Against the Crusades.' These British citizens woke up one morning in late July to find those bright yellow posters plastered on their streets alerting everyone that they are entering, or already living in, a 'Shariah Controlled Zone'; a 'sinless city' where drinking, gambling, prostitution, drugs, playing loud music or having concerts is no longer permitted.  To make matters more intimidating the non-Muslim residents had better watch out for this group's band of vigilantes that will soon be on the streets to enforce the 'Shariah Laws.'

 The riots in London and surrounding areas are overshadowing this story. However, it is these very riots that are symptomatic of the level of civil discontent, lack of individual responsibility, thuggery and disrespect for others that does exist today in some of Britain's social and economic class-warfare society. The extremes of wealth and poverty, the high levels of unemployment and continued uncertainty, along with the undisciplined nature of many of the rioters is making the UK, along with other European countries, very vulnerable to Islamic intervention. 

 According to Anjem Choudary, the fast-talking spokesman for 'Muslims Against the Crusades,' "Shariah Law is unstoppable in Europe." He claims that the British society is "broken, riddled with drugs, crime and prostitution" and believes that the British people are ready to "welcome Sharia Law." His plan is to flood cities in the UK with these 'Shariah is a Better Society' flyers and "put the seeds down for an Islamic Emirate in the long term."

Can this really be happening? Watch this video and come to your own conclusions. Listen to Choudary. Then listen to some of the British reactions to this intimidation, including the News reporter herself. This Muslim group is planning to take their tactics to other European cities in France, Italy and Brussels where the Muslim population has increased to large proportions. This is where fear comes alive and people have to decide to fight or leave.

Islamic beliefs like Choudary's are now hidden behind peace and love in America's Islamic communities. As we continue to face economic challenges and similar class warfare, debates on Islamic influence and Shariah Law will also continue to divide and weaken our neighborhoods and push our democracy to its limits. So much truth has been replaced by lies and self-serving politicians. Americans are filled with distrust of their government and the public officials who seem to focus only on their re-election. We as a nation are feeling fearful, a vulnerable atmosphere for any enemy to rise to power.  And these enemies are already speaking out as they sense our weakness growing. 

After 9/11 Americans became much more aware of the danger of radical Islam and the Jihad against western societies. It has been courageous Americans, in the face of enormous public and political condemnation, who have been fighting for almost a decade against the political correctness of our social and political dialogue as they try to expose the dangers of the anti-democratic ideology of the Koran. They have recently been taking the brunt of politically correct finger-pointing as liberal leaning main stream media attempts to crucify them as the inspiration for Norway's mass murderer Anders Breivik.

The malicious slander of our outspoken freedom fighters must not be believed. Videos like the one linked here are necessary for the American public to see.  Shariah Law has already entered various places of American life: finance, business and the courts.  Greater demands are sure to follow.

We are not much different than our British friends. I am hoping that this video will be shocking enough that people will continue to circulate it for more Americans to see what is truly threatening our western society. Stop Shariah from coming to your neighborhood and support others in their fight against Islamic Supremacy.

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