Does This Deficit Make Me Look Fat?

It's the question that strikes terror into the heart of every new husband.  His wife emerges from the bedroom and asks, "Does this dress make me look fat?"  Happily married men will tell the newbie husband this is not the time for honesty.  Repeat the following phrase and commit it to memory: "You look great, honey."  Then shut up.  Don't go overboard and tell her she could be mistaken for a supermodel.  She wants reassurance, but not outright baloney. We humans can go for years believing we're plump, or chubby, or maybe could stand to lose a few.  Then one day it happens.  The evidence that we are actually fat smacks us right in the face.  Sometimes it's an unfortunate photograph snapped from behind.  Other times it's the truth straight from the lips of a preschooler, such as the time my son came running out of Library Story Hour and yelled, "Mommy!  We have a new story lady and boy is she fat!"  Our capacity for...(Read Full Article)