The Real Cost of Solar Energy

President Obama has thrown down the gauntlet, spending billions of dollars to chase the green energy alchemy of solar harvesting.  Speaking at Georgetown in April of this year, Obama said that the United States needs to "change the way we generate electricity in America -- so that it's cleaner, safer, and healthier ... we also know that ushering in a clean energy economy has the potential to create an untold number of new jobs and new businesses -- jobs that we want right here in America."  Obama is the self-appointed champion for solar power, dolling out billions for and energy source that has failed to run profitably anywhere in the world. The economy of scale makes apparent the physical impossibility of solar harvesting.  Using the sun to provide 50% of America's electricity needs would necessarily cover tens of thousands of square miles with solar panels and mirrors, with all of it costing tens of trillions of dollars. From the study commissioned by the University...(Read Full Article)