The Boehner Plan is the Best Deal for the Country That Our Divided Government Can Deliver

As we wait for the vote on the Boehner Debt Bill, some wonder what is the best way to handle the debt crisis?  The crisis was created by our President and the Democrats in Congress.  For two years the President had a Democratic majority in both Houses and could pass an increase in the debt limit authority.  They chose not to do this as it might be viewed negatively by the populace.  Now we are on the brink of creating another market collapse as the President has heightened the stakes by repeatedly addressing the public on this issue while ignoring any real compromise and using this crisis as a means to get another tax increase. The legislation passed recently by the House sets the correct tone by limiting spending, requiring balanced budgets, and capping the growth.  However, it will never become law as the balanced budget amendment cannot ever pass enough states as there are many that will fear the loss of federal funds in the future.  Yet, this is a...(Read Full Article)