Sarah Palin's Grace Under Pressure

From Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn:

The pitifulest thing out is a mob; ... they don't fight with courage that's born in them, but with courage that's borrowed from their mass[.]

[And talking to the mob:]

Now the thing for YOU to do is to droop your tails and go home and crawl in a hole. If any real lynching's going to be done it will be done in the dark, Southern fashion; and when they come they'll bring their masks, and fetch a MAN along. Now LEAVE -- and take your half-a-man with you" -- tossing his gun up across his left arm and cocking it when he says this.

That's the John Wayne scene you've watched in a hundred Westerns, but it's now happening in reality.  I think Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, and the other conservative candidates are the Ronald Reagans of our time.  It's not just a Hollywood flick.

We are living in a poisonous time in American politics.  The source of that poison  is very clear.  In case you were wondering, it's not the polite and well-behaved Tea Partiers.

It's more like the party of mob scenes.

Democrats have turned into ranting demagogues again, just like the Jim Crow South.  In the last hundred years they have changed nothing but their scapegoats.  You can easily pick out the shameless ones among them.  They don't hide it.  This is what Michael Barone calls "gangster government."

In Bill Clinton's first election the rad-left media accused Republicans of burning churches in the South.  Today you can see the toxic left getting ready for another campaign of smear and intimidation.  It's time to call them what they are: "High tech lynch mobs" was what Justice Thomas called them.  It's the truth. 

The Undefeated is a stunning documentary about Governor Sarah Palin against the lynch mobs of the left.  These are not overly polite Adlai Stevenson liberals.  They are radical throwbacks to Saul Alinsky and Jozef Stalin.  They follow Alinsky and the ACORN rules.  These are the same people who have made our schools ungovernable.  They are not just "stuck on stupid."  They are stuck on the systematic abuse of power.

Political leaders who stand up against the media mob deserve a badge of courage.  That goes especially for Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Herman Cain -- because in some perverse way the left reserves special abuse for the women and blacks it tries to control.  It's the slavemaster's rage at liberated slaves.

Over three decades, I've seen lynch mob mentality rising in our colleges and universities, beginning with the Alinsky left.  Every teacher and professor in this country has his own memories of that.  A few years ago the liberal president of Harvard was fired by the witch-hunters of the left for blurting out an innocent question about math talent and gender.  That was far and away the most shameful moment of my lifetime in academic life.  Other than the global warming fraud, that is. Witch-hunting and global frauding are closely related.  In an atmosphere or free speech on campus, no self-respecting scientist would let the global warming fraud to survive for a moment.  Global frauding is a side-effect of an atmosphere of fear and intimidation in the schools and colleges.  The biggest fraud in the history of science is losing ground today.  But if we do not defeat the totalitarian left on campus, a different eco-fraud will take its place.

None of this behavior belongs in a civilized society.  Civilization is the ability to control the primitive side of human nature, the part that explodes in lynch mobs.  If we allow this to go on, civilization will be the loser.  Around the world, hyenas from a thousand years ago are already circling for the kill, because they can see our moral weakness.  Europe is practically gone already.

A key point: Alinsky Rules are mob rules.  The left act out lynch mobbery because they have trained themselves to do it.  They count on normal, decent people being frightened by their misbehavior.  Obama said it: "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun."  He's trying to do it right now to the Republicans in Congress.

Appeasing Obama is like appeasing the Soviets.  Radicals are exactly what they are.

Alinsky prescribed hateful agitation to overthrow civilized society, just like the imams of radical Islam.  There's nothing "progressive" about the left.  They are a purposeful throwback to chimpanzee mobs.  All they want is the quick and dirty road to power.

Unfortunately, Alinsky Rules are Obama's  rules.

That's why the coming election will be the dirtiest since Jim Crow.

This is a time of extraordinary national danger.  Since JFK we have seen leaders assassinated -- mostly by radicals of the left and Islam.  Kennedy's assassin went to Moscow to volunteer for the KGB.  Sirhan Sirhan was a Palestinian radical.  Pope Paul II's would-be assassin was a Turkish thug hired by Gorbachev's KGB.  And yes, Dr. Martin Luther King's killer was a Southern segregationist.

None of that belongs in a civilized society.  None of it.

Today, conservatives take risks when they speak in public.  That is intolerable in a free country.  There is no free speech if you are afraid to say whatever you want. 

What we are seeing in the Age of Obama is not normal politics.  It's certainly not the end of race-baiting.  We are seeing a throwback to a much more primitive time.  It doesn't belong in our political tradition; what's even worse is the cynical collusion of the rad-left media in whipping up slander against good and decent people.

Mark Twain knew about lynch mobs in the South.  But lynch mobs have been stirred up by radical left agitators going back to Karl Marx.  Ottoman mobs killed Christian Armenians, Russian and Polish mobs killed Jews, white segregationist American mobs lynched blacks, Hutu mobs killed Tutsis.  It's not race.  It's just group hatred, and it can be stirred up between kids with blue eyes and the ones with brown eyes.  In politics it's almost always stirred up with malice aforethought (see MEMRI).

Since the left rose to power in America, new form lynch mobs have made a comeback -- with a vengeance, as the saying goes.  "Vengeance" is the word.  Lynch mobs have to feel aggrieved, and they have to find a target for their rage.  They do not think.  Facts don't matter.  All they need is a scapegoat is vent their rage.

That's our "mainstream" media today.  Don't you want to pay your tax dollars for more J School education?

I don't either.

Just watch 'em do it.  They go by the playbook every single day.

That is not an accident.

It is not acceptable to decent people. 

The morons of Hollywood now specialize in lobbing dirt shells against decent Americans.  The big media are run by billionaires who like to combine radical ideology with self-serving narcissism.  These are not good people.  They are malignant.

Not many elections are a genuine struggle between good and evil.  Lincoln's election just before the Civil War was one such.  Churchill's election in pre-War Britain was another.  Good vs. malignant elections are rare, but they happen.

The election of 2012 will be one of them.

Courage has been called grace under pressure.  If Sarah Palin doesn't get elected president, she should at least get an Academy Award for bringing back the vivid memory of Ronald Reagan and Good-versus-Evil morality movies.

Most times are mixtures of good and bad.

This is time when morality and decency become a question of survival.  Read your history and you'll see those times, again and again. 

Palin is only one hero today.  She is a remarkable woman.  But don't forget the others.  Help your favorite candidate as much as you can.

We are blessed with a heroic set of conservative candidates today.  Don't let the rad-left media smear them, the way they always try to.  Just let the dirt bounce right back to the mudslingers.  You know who they are.

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