Obama Seems To Be Taking His Defeat In The 2012 Election Rather Well

Make no mistake: that's what happened over the past weekend.  We have been through a mercilessly condensed version of a presidential campaign, lasting only hours, in which Barack Obama ran against his own image, demonstrated himself unworthy of office, and threw away any chance of victory in next year's contest. To start with, we have his failure to deal with the budget in due time, thus allowing the crisis to build up in the first place.  Then we have his walking out of the negotiations after he himself tried to pull a fast one (adding $500 billion -- that's a half-trillion, folks -- in taxes at the last minute).  The threats against grandma's checks.  His petulant and adolescent Friday press conference.  His prolonged weekend sulk, leaving the separate houses of Congress to work their way through the crisis with no input from the White House whatsoever.  His wordless rejection of a better deal than he had coming.  The attempt to crash the Asian...(Read Full Article)