Me Bad: Six Not-Easy Steps to Get Me Out of the Mess I Caused

How to ruin a life, legacy, career, and marriage in an instant?  That is what Representative Anthony Weiner did when he recently hit the send button on his Twitter account.  Within a few days, good that he may have done became deeply discounted, as he tweeted pictures of himself across the internet.  The recent rash of scandalous behavior has left many people asking "What were they thinking?"  What were they thinking when they committed their misbehavior and why did they think their subsequent explanations would make everything go away over time?  Of course, each situation is different as to root causes, as well as how each tried to manage their way out of the morass.  However, there are patterns of behavior that can be deduced as to the mindset and strategy employed to wishfully get them out of the mess they were in. Like deer caught in the headlights, people who are suddenly exposed for deeds they have committed in private are usually not prepared to...(Read Full Article)