ICE Memo Reveals new Obama Administration Plan to Incentivize Illegal Immigrants

By now, the word is probably spreading like wildfire on the country's Spanish language radio stations that cater to illegal immigrants.  Get pregnant, or conceive a child with your spouse or significant other, and you likely won't be deported. Already have a child?  Bring them here to America illegally.  If you can prove you are the guardian of a minor, the government will likely take deportation off the table. It's all part of what appears to be a new Obama Administration plan to incentivize illegal immigrants not just to come to America, but to stay, have and expand families, and put down roots that will hold them here. Follow the news and you can see what's driving this.  Democrats hoping to build a new, undefeatable super party by turning today's illegal aliens into tomorrow's voters are getting nervous.  News reports have been popping up about illegal immigrants fleeing the country by the thousands as the economy sputters and states pass laws that make...(Read Full Article)