Top Ten Reasons Why Michele Bachmann Could Win the 2012 Republican Nomination

1. She is a fundraising powerhouse.  She raised more money in the first quarter of this year than any other member of Congress except Speaker Boehner. 2. She has a loyal base.  She is the only true conservative in the race (except for Herman Cain) and would be the obvious choice of the Tea Partiers and grassroots.  And if anybody knows how to organize, it's the Tea Parties, as we found out in '09 and '10 to the Democrats' dismay.  If they get behind her, there's no stopping that train. 3. She has the right amount of name recognition.  At 60%, she has name recognition high enough to attract significant attention in the media and enough to catch on among primary voters, but not too much so that she is still a fresh face.  Romney's recognition might be high enough to be a detriment to his campaign, as he is seen as same-old same-old by many primary voters. 4. She has the second highest positive intensity score.  At 22%, she excites the conservative...(Read Full Article)