The Alternate Universe of Democrats

Physicists and others seeking to unlock the mysteries of the universe posit many theories about what exists beyond our night sky.  One of the more intriguing theories is that our universe is just one of many universes, or dimensions, in which our doppelganger encounters different experiences and thus, different outcomes.  Given the bizarre rhetoric being used by Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and President Obama lately, this theory is becoming all the more believable by the minute.

When confronted with the news that the economy has gotten worse under President Obama, both the President and Congresswoman have offered up answers that display a stunning disregard for what is happening with the economy.  Failing the possibility that both have crossed into our dimension via a liberal wormhole, answers such as the economy is struggling due to the increased adoption of new-fangled job-killers such as ATMs or it has hit a soft patch because of the reluctance of conservatives to accept increased taxes in the form of an ever-increasing "fair share" can be seen for what they are: partisan spin.

The Democrats' calls for an increased "fair share," while excellent on the stump, will do nothing to spare the economy from the dreadful bleeding of jobs that has occurred during this administration.  Wasserman Schultz is left with nothing that remotely resembles a success in the almost three years of the Obama administration so she must provide blinkered responses to the cold, hard facts: 1.9 million jobs have been lost, gasoline prices have more than doubled, and the debt has ballooned to an unsustainable $14 trillion under Democratic guidance.  It is no wonder she is left to insist weakly that the Democrats have "turned the economy around."

In Weiner-esque fashion, President Obama's policies have been exposed.  Left with the difficult task of selling the value of an economy that has gotten demonstrably worse, Wasserman Schultz can only pull the cord on her failsafe Democrat See-and-Say and repeat, pull, repeat.  The results are the predictable complaints ranging from the natural disaster in Japan to Greece's eventual default, a crisis that Ms. Wasserman Schultz should watch closely for future spin when the U.S. meets a similar fate.  By then, if a Democrat still holds the White House, she will surely resort to a "nothing to see here" redux of bumbling cop Frank Drebin from the Naked Gun movies.

The comedic cop routine would be an improvement, though, to the mainstay of liberal politics: accusations of racism.  Simply pointing out the massive failure of the stimulus package and the Democrats' plan to turn the economy around now conjures up images of a return to Jim Crow laws and the mistreatment of African-Americans in Wasserman Schultz's alternate universe.  A shameful, libelous non sequitur is now the last refuge of a Democrat when reality doesn't fit the liberal storyline where their policies are rousing successes even when evidence points to the contrary.

Still, that evidence is making even Wasserman Schultz and President Obama bow to reality.  At a forum held by, Wasserman Schultz claimed "ownership" of the economy on behalf of her fellow Democrats.  That ownership presumably includes the wasted disaster that was the stimulus package which spent $1 trillion of borrowed money.  At the time of passage, promises were made that the unemployment rate wouldn't climb over 8% if the bill passed and jobs would blossom from the tree of the Congressional spending spree.  As is painfully obvious, this failed to materialize and led to the President's poor attempt at humor that "shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected."  Outside of the President's deluded pied pipers, most Americans aren't laughing at the gargantuan waste and ineffectiveness of his policies.

With 2012 approaching, it appears unlikely that the economy will begin to turn around sufficiently enough for the President to fulfill Wasserman Schultz's silly claims of economic achievements.   What remains then is the contemptible use of the race card against Republican critics and other worldly economic claims that can only be construed as accomplishments in the swamp of DC.  Jobs and debt are the worries of the average voter and their doubts will be an electoral death knell for the President no matter their spin or accusations of racism.  Then again, maybe President Obama and Debbie Wasserman Schultz know something the rest of us don't and the Recovery Summer is just one worldly dimension away.

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