Protecting the Indian Casino Monopoly in Minnesota

An abhorrent "counterpoint" in the StarTribune, Minneapolis's mainstream daily, by a longtime Minnesota casino lobbyist, is the very definition of demagoguery.  Lobbyist John McCarthy's ad hominem attack on me, personally, while distorting the history of racino legislation at the legislature, is simple proof of wretched excesses and the loony tunes arguments surrounding a statewide issue of putting "slot gaming" at the state's racetracks. Why StarTribune ran his heedless, reckless collapse of judgment, contrary to known facts, and potentially libelously, is somewhat of a mystery.  McCarthy's nasty, jagged-edged May 4 piece, is called a "counterpoint" to my commentary, "Indian casino lobby and the DFL party it props up" (April 30) in the same newspaper.  My op-ed favors the state legislature finally, after a half dozen tries, approving enabling "racino" legislation. Racinos are relatively new, a term for the hybrid of casino-style gambling, such as "slot...(Read Full Article)